11 Kartra Website Examples for Inspiration

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Kartra Website Examples for Inspiration

After doing just a few minutes of research on Kartra you probably will have an idea of what the platform offers. Suffice to say that Kartra is certainly a powerful all-in-one tool.

However, you may be curious to know what Kartra actually looks like in action. After all, without seeing a few examples of businesses using the platform, it can be tough to visualize how the Kartra might work for you.

Look no further.

Here you can find 11 examples of websites that use Kartra. These successful businesses can give you some ideas for how to use the platform effectively for your business. 

1. Megan MinnsBusiness Consulting

Megan Minns is a business coach and consultant that helps entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently. More specifically, she helps her clients systemize their business, outsource various tasks for better time management, and improve work-life balance. Megan has a popular podcast and a strong following on YouTube.

It’s evident that Megan takes full advantage of the Kartra. Megan utilizes the platform to promote her services as well as her various media channels.  

For instance, she uses the platform to

  • Sell and host her paid programs such as the Empowered CEO Program
  • Promote her masterclass live training sessions
  • Host podcast episodes
  • Provide access to her online Facebook community

While Kartra is certainly popular among consultants such as Megan, consultancies are one of the many types of businesses that benefit from Kartra.

2.Trade Room PlusFinance membership site

Trade Room Plus is an excellent Kartra membership site example.  The company hosts a live trade room where members can view each other’s stock trading techniques in real-time. Better yet, the platform provides a collaborative space where the online trading community can bounce ideas off each other and develop as traders together. The home page of the site acts as an excellent sales page for this service with enticing CTAs, testimonials, and pricing plans.

Additionally, the website also has tons of great educational content on the companies blog. With engaging blog content to attract Trade Room’s target audience, the company has an excellent means for marketing its services. 

To see live examples of Kartra membership sites such as Trader Room Plus, check out this YouTube video here

3.Ty The Dog GuyDog training

Ty Brown is an expert dog trainer who has traveled all over the world to provide his expert services. As a thought leader in his field, Ty has been featured on CBS, ABC, and other popular news channels.

Ty uses Kartra to promote his personal brand by posting educational blog content and podcasts. However, this entrepreneur most notably uses Kartra for hosting online courses. Four courses are offered on the site: each one is tailored to a specific type of dog. Not only does Ty offer a great selection of courses that cater to the needs of his target audiences but he also does a great job at selling them. By prompting visitors to enter their email address before getting access to pricing options, Ty has a great means to capture leads to follow up with. 

4. Actual Fluency – Language Learning

Kris Broholm considers himself to be a language learning journalist. Through his site, Actual Fluency, Kris documents all his research findings on the most effective ways to learn new languages.

On Actual Fluency, Kris offers a few courses on learning Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, and French and he uses Kartra to promote them. By using sales funnels and landing pages, Kris does a good job at seamlessly guiding his visitors to purchase one of his language courses. Additionally, by utilizing Kartra Affiliates, kris uses affiliate marketing to market his products as well.

5. Traffic and Conversions Summit – Annual Event

Since 2009, Traffic and Conversions Summit has been an annual conference where marketers have gathered to learn about the most effective digital marketing tactics from renowned speakers.

The sales page on the website is an excellent example of how an organization can utilize Kartra to promote an event. With Kartra, T&C has set up a sales funnel where visitors can learn about the event on the initial sales page, and then register and pay on the checkout page.

You could say the fact that such a highly regarded digital marketing event is advertised on Kartra speaks to the merit of Kartra as a marketing platform.

6. Chatmatic – Software as a Service

Millions of messages are exchanged between businesses and consumers through Facebook messenger every month. Knowing this, Travis Stephenson created Chatmatic; a marketing tool that allows companies to set up automated Facebook messenger campaigns. Ultimately Chatmatic helps businesses improve their interactions with prospective customers.

Chatmatic’s site isn’t huge in terms of the number of pages it has. However, it does do a good job of using Kartra to design its pages in an aesthetically pleasing way that’s great for user experience. The Home page conveys the value of the product by outlining Chatmatic’s features and benefits with great video content and eye-catching CTAs.

7.Tone Sculpt YogaFitness and wellness

Jeri Hartley is a fitness coach and creator of Tone Sculpt Yoga. As a new mom, Jeri found it difficult to make time in her day for fitness but eventually found a means to do so. Given her background as a certified Yoga Teacher, Jeri created her site to help other busy women that want to change their lives through fitness.

Tone Sculpt Yoga is another excellent example of a Kartra membership site. Through this membership program, subscribers can get monthly training, meal plans, and QandA sessions with Jeri.

8. Beat CancerNonprofit

Beat Cancer is a nonprofit that provides research-based information on how to prevent and beat cancer by making smart lifestyle and diet choices.

There are many ways that this nonprofit generates revenue to fund cancer research. For instance, the company sells ebooks, products, and certification programs, and the organization allows you to make donations as well. Beatcancer.com uses Kartra checkouts to facilitate every one of these transactions.

Beatcancer.org also uses Kartra to create its aesthetically pleasing pages and to host its certification programs as well.

9. Couples Therapy IncRelationship counseling

Couples Therapy Inc provides a reputable relationship counseling service. Through this site, you can schedule therapy sessions with renowned couples counselors.

The site offers a variety of different services from private marriage retreats on the expensive side to more affordable one-hour coaching sessions. Additionally, the site offers gated content under the therapy portal that only exclusive members can access.

Relationship counseling sites like Couples Therapy Inc employ numerous couples counselors and facilitates hundreds of transactions every month. That being said, these companies can really benefit from Kartra’s checkout feature. This feature allows you to create checkouts specifically designed for a good user experience to improve conversion rates. Additionally, Kartra calendars also make it incredibly easy for relationship counselors to schedule sessions with clients.

10. Master ShieldHome improvement services

Mastershield offers a gutter protection product and installation service for homeowners. This product prevents your gutters from getting clogged as prevents algae streaks as well.

To get Mastershield, you must have the product professionally installed. That being said, this is a service-based business rather than an ecommerce business since you can’t merely order the product itself online. However, it’s certainly possible to use Kartra for ecommerce as well. 

This company uses Kartra to create aesthetically pleasing sales pages for its product with attention-catching CTAs that prompt visitors to opt in for a free estimate. Not only that but the company utilizes Kartra to provide informative background info about the product with articles about features and benefits. Mastershield also has a blog that attracts prospective prospects to the companies site through organic search.

While Mastershield is a product that is professionally installed by the company, there are there many ecommerce companies that use

11. Online Marketing GeniesAgency

Online Marketing Genies is a marketing agency that specializes in web design, paid search advertising, SEO, and more.

The agency utilizes Kartra in multiple ways. Besides using Kartra to create aesthetically pleasing web pages, the company also takes advantage of Kartra’s live chat feature. With this feature, prospective customers can create tickets by submitting their contact info and their inquiry. Prospective customers can also get help in real-time through live chat messaging.

Many agencies that use Kartra also take advantage of the Kartra agency feature. This part of the platform allows agencies to track their client’s performance indicators such as revenue and website traffic, manage all their clients under one platform, and easily generate reports for clients.  

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