Email marketing tools are online programs which allow users to create and send effective email marketing campaigns. These tools usually allow marketers to build beautiful emails (without the need for coding skills), bulk send emails, optimize and measure metrics, generate email reports, and send out test emails. Some advanced tools will even let you build profiles on each person in your email list – allowing you to send out specific campaigns for specific people.

While it’s great to have these advanced features, it’s important to choose a tool which aligns with your business needs and goals. Be sure not to overspend on features you don’t need, and you’ll also need to be sure to find the right features you need to maximize your results.

There are many tools to choose from, some tools are all-in-one email tools which allow you to manage all your email marketing efforts, whilst others may be specific tools which can complement your email marketing software.


Best for growth driven small businesses

• Excellent marketing automation and transactional email capabilites

• Great SMS marketing and chat features

• All plans come with unlimited contact storage

Starts at $25/month

🏆 Top Choice 🏆

Best value for everyone

• Powerful email marketing features, yet easy to use 

• Strong complementary features such as the landing page builder

• Advanced capabilities for a very reasonable price

Starts at $15.58/month

Best for businesses that need an all-in-one marketing platform

• Email marketing, landing pages, chat, forms, social media management and more...

• Advanced marketing automation

• Customizable reporting for all your marketing channels

Starts at $45/month