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Constant Contact is one of the most reputable email marketing platforms for small businesses. Over the years Constant Contact has added new features to complement its core email marketing product including ad management, ecommerce tools, and, of course, its landing page builder. 

However, although numerous companies that use Constant Contact take advantage of the landing page builder, customers seem to have mixed feelings about this particular feature.

Some reviewers of Constant Contact criticize that the landing page builder is too basic and inflexible, while others applaud the feature for how intuitive it is for small businesses.

Eager to see what Constant Constant’s landing page builder could do for my business, I decided to try it out myself. I ended up creating 5 demo landing pages to get a feel for what the feature is worth.

Here you can discover 5 Constant Contact landing page examples that demonstrate what the email marketing platform is capable of.

Sales landing page

meal delivery landing page

This demo landing page was created for a fictional meal delivery company, similar to Blue Apron or HelloFresh. As a sales page, this landing page is designed to convey the value of the meal prep delivery service and what makes it unique in light of its competitors. Upon clicking “Shop now” prospects would be taken to an order page where they can purchase a meal plan. Essentially, this landing page would be the first page of the company’s sales funnel.

In designing this landing page, I focused on explaining the value of the meal delivery service as concisely as possible. The headers are laid out in a way that makes it easy to skim the landing page and the ample white space helps to make it easy to navigate as well.

Constant Contact’s layout selection made it incredibly easy to build out this landing page. The landing page was built using blocks such as image + text blocks, a tri-column block, and even a coupon block at the very bottom of the page. Being able to drag and drop layout blocks into place and rearrange them as you see fit makes building landing pages a breeze.  

Fundraising landing page

landing page for nonprofit

Landing pages such as this one are used by nonprofits to collect more donations. Constant Contact happens to be an excellent email marketing tool for nonprofits given its email templates for nonprofits and generous nonprofit discount. 

This landing page is intended to give a brief summary of what the organization’s mission is and how it uses funds from donors. Unlike the meal delivery service landing page, this nonprofit landing page is intended to be a bit more informational: hence the relatively lengthier copy. Upon clicking “Donate now” visitors would get taken to a form where they can donate however much they please.

Color scheme was a big focus for this landing page. The hues of blue add to the sober tone of the landing page while the light purple CTA buttons unobtrusively prompt visitors to click through.

Constant Contact’s landing page templates make it incredibly easy and efficient to build out landing pages. By building this landing page using a template, I was able to create the landing page in about 15 minutes. I simply swapped out the text, added a content block, added pictures, and tweaked the color scheme.

Lead generation landing page

landing page for capturing emails

Landing pages are possibly most commonly used for collecting leads. This demo landing page for a fictional T-shirt printing business blog is a great example of a lead generation landing page.

Lead generation landing pages often promote lead magnets or free resources in return for prospects’ email addresses. Lead magnets such as ebooks (like the one used in this case), guides, or checklists are a great way to incentivize prospects to opt-in to your email list. By capturing emails this way, this company can promote paid products or services later on down the road through email campaigns.

For this landing page, the copy is brief and straight to the point. Not only that but the CTA button is enlarged and clearly visible so that it’s easy as possible for visitors to click through and submit their information.

Fortunately, Constant Contact has landing page templates specifically for lead generation. These landing pages are equipped with email opt-in forms that you can customize depending on how much information you want to collect from your subscribers.

Video landing page

landing page with video

This landing page is a basic video landing page about how to pitch a startup idea. 

People are visual creatures. That being said, sometimes videos are the best way to communicate with your audience. Videos can be particularly effective if you need to explain something somewhat complex and you want to do so in an engaging way that keeps your audience interested.

Better yet by using video, you can increase your conversion rates by up to 80%.1 According to WebFX, video is often better at eliciting an emotional response in prospects and as a result, video can drive more conversions than written copy.

Constant Contact happens to have a video landing page template (which was used for this landing page). This template is relatively simple, however, for the sake of prompting visitors to watch the video, the fewer distractions the better.  

Portfolio gallery

photos of travel blogger

While landing pages are often used for generating leads or selling products, not all landing pages are intended for these purposes. The landing page above, for instance, is for showing off part of a photography gallery on a travel blog. Landing pages like these are a great way to give visitors some of the highlights of a gallery without overwhelming them with hundreds of pictures on one page.

Constant Contact makes it incredibly easy to put together landing pages like these. The portfolio template automatically positions your photos so that they are equally spaced out, regardless of their shape. This gives your photo gallery a neat and professional look.

Final words

After creating these landing page examples, I can say with confidence that Constant Contact has an incredibly easy-to-use landing page builder. The drag-and-drop builder coupled with the well-designed templates makes creating good-looking landing pages very straightforward.

On the other hand, the landing page builder does have some downsides. While it’s very intuitive, it isn’t nearly as flexible as other landing page builders. Software designed specifically for building landing pages is much more powerful and feature-rich. These platforms allow much greater customizability of landing pages and often have comparatively larger libraries of professionally designed landing page templates as well. Additionally, there are various free Constant Contact alternatives with arguably better landing page builders that you can experiment with as well. 

However, for anyone who values simplicity, Constant Contact’s landing page builder may be your best bet! Hopefully these Constant Contact landing page examples gave you some inspiration. 

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