Carrd vs Linktree: Which is Best?

Carrd vs Linktree

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Social media has transformed into a powerful marketing channel. Nowadays, all you need is a few simple strategies to leverage social media and attract a large audience – be it for promoting your business or growing your own personal brand. One of these simple strategies is using a link in bio tool to direct users to a collection of links. 

In the search for optimum reach, the bio section in your profile on platforms (like Instagram) emerges as an obstacle – as you can only include one link in it. This acts as a hindrance because both influencers and marketing experts often need to promote multiple links to other social media, blogs, e-commerce stores, brands, and other websites… unless, of course… you use a bio link tool. It’s a great marketing tool for creators, brands, and businesses to drive traffic to their most important content. Link in Bio tools help followers discover more about you, your brand, your products and services.

Among the many bio link tools that you can choose from, Carrd and Linktree are two of the best options for all.

In this post, we’ll compare Carrd vs Linktree in terms of features, ease of use, and price so that you can determine which platform is best for you.

The biggest difference between Carrd and Linktree

Carrd differentiates itself from other website builders because it specializes in creating one-page responsive websites within minutes. The platform is suitable for use by influencers, streamers, small businesses, freelancers and aggregators that need a basic landing page to share links. You can use Carrd to build a landing page, profile page, portfolio, a sectional template, or an entry form, with options to personalize your content with customized content.

Linktree, on the other hand, was born out of frustration with having to endlessly update the link in the bio to accurately reflect important information. The brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and their business partner Nick Humphreys came up with their own solution, Linktree or what marketers call a ‘bio link tool’.

There are some fundamental differences between Carrd and Linktree.

The beauty of Carrd lies in its versatility. You can create webpages and tweak them to fit your needs. It allows users to publish sites to any custom domain and build fully customizable form pages. It has an advanced option to improve your load time and allows you to build up to three websites for free on its platform.

On the other hand, Linktree emerges as a winner when it comes to analytics, as you can get all the data you need without connecting to Google Analytics. So, you can check how your links are performing and make adjustments where necessary. You can add as many links as you want, even with a free plan. These include links to your social media profiles, YouTube and Vimeo videos, online stores, and favorite blogs and articles.

How Does Carrd Work? A Brief Walkthrough of the Dashboard…

Carrd offers hassle-free page creation. Users aren’t even required to provide an email address to get started. To begin, you simply have to choose your favorite template.

carrd for landing pages

Choosing the right template is easy as you can either filter the available templates according to your purpose of creating the page or explore the various templates to select the ideal one. You’ll see a mix of free and paid templates with different designs.  

carrd template selection

After choosing a template, you can start customizing your design. The clean and simple look of the dashboard makes it easier to operate. Go to the menu at the top right corner and use it to add various elements to your page, including text, images, videos, links, buttons, and more.

carrd conversion tools

A single click to the desired element will bring it to the page, and you can further drag and drop certain edits onto your page and rearrange them as you wish.

The same menu at the top right can be used to undo or redo, preview the animations, check the page’s mobile look, and publish it. Changing the page’s background or starting over if you are not satisfied also requires minimal effort.

You can see a full view of the various menu options and what you can do with them here:

carrd editor

An additional menu appears on the top left once you click on any new elements that you’ve added to the page. This menu provides various options for new individual elements and lets you change the appearance settings through experimenting with different colors, fonts, spacing, and other options.

Carrd proves to be even more beneficial for those with a technical background, allowing them to edit CSS code for the site and add their own CSS code as well. In simple words, Carrd offers you complete control over the customization of your site.

When you’re done customizing your page, click on Publish. You’ll then have the option to create an account, and choose how to publish your page:

  • You can use a URL
  • Set up a custom domain
  • Save the page as a template
  • Save the page as an online draft

Keep in mind that using a custom domain and saving the page as a template requires you to upgrade to a pro plan.

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How Does Linktree Work? A Brief Walkthrough of the Dashboard

To get started with Linktree, all users are required to sign up by creating a username, entering their email, and setting a password. Once the registration is complete, you’ll reach the Linktree dashboard, where you can add your links and explore all of Linktree’s amazing features.

screenshot of the linktree admin dashboard

Thanks to Linktree’s flexible link adding feature, you can add all types of links and add as many links as required in your page. Besides links to other social media profiles or websites you can also add the following links:

  • Music links (Music from Spotify or other music platforms that can be played from your page)
  • Video links (Embedded YouTube videos or videos from other platforms)
  • Store links (Gives you the ability to display products from your e-commerce store)
  • Form links (Links to forms to collect email addresses)
  • Support me links (For collecting donations)
  • Request links (For receiving requests and payments from visitors)

linktree dashboard add links screenshot

In addition to that, if you opt to upgrade to Linktree’s pro plan, you can also add the following links:

  • Leap links that enable skipping your Linktree page to take visitors directly to a destination.
  • Priority links for highlighting the most important links in your bio.
  • Schedule links that allow you to schedule when your links go live.
  • Gated links that have to be unlocked by providing a code, entering a date of birth, or by acknowledging that the information that the link takes you to is sensitive.

Furthermore, Linktree allows you to add thumbnails and icons to the links and further shows you in-depth analytics for each added link.

At any time, you can easily preview how the page looks on mobile devices by looking on the right side of your dashboard, which shows the mobile view. You will remain up to date with the latest changes as the view automatically updates with each edit you make to your Linktree page.

After all the links show up on the page, you should use the ‘Appearance’ tab to further customise how your page looks. Changes that you can make include adding a profile pic, altering the profile title, and adding a bio.

linktree appearance tab screenshot

Here, you get to choose an appropriate theme that would perfectly complement your brand/persona. The free version has a plethora of themes to choose from while the paid version would unlock plenty more options for themes, background, and button designs and fonts.

screenshot of linktree theme list

Once you’ve created the perfect appearance of your page, move on to the Setting tab. Here, you can configure options such as eCommerce or e-mail list integrations, and more.

Linktree settings dashboard

The only thing now left to do is grab the URL of your Linktree page from the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Once you’ve promoted your Linktree link on social media, you can view the performance of your marketing efforts in the analytics tab. This data can help you improve your marketing campaign and create the best bio possible. Here, you can find information such as the number of people who have landed on your Linktree page, the number of clicks (and what links they’re clicking on), and from what sources people have come from (TikTok, Instagram, or other social media).

Linktree's reporting and analytics

Aesthetics and Appearance

Carrd holds a slight advantage over Linktree when it comes to aesthetics and appearance. For starters, it offers more templates which have a different look. Among these templates, many are similar to those found on Linktree. As previously mentioned, Carrd is easier to customize among the two, even on the free version. In addition to important customization options like color and font change for each individual element, you can also upload an image or choose a background color for the entire page. You also get an increased creative freedom while using Carrd because of its advanced layout options through its templates.

As for Linktree, you only have the option to select a different theme for your Linktree page if you’re using the free version. To avail of all features, like choosing the colors for your buttons, using a different font, and uploading a custom background, you would have to upgrade to the premium version. While using Linktree, you should know that although it is possible to create a custom look for your Linktree page, the basic layout is the same: a stack of links with your profile photo at the top.

To see how Linktree users can take advantage of the platform’s themes and customizability, check out these Linktree examples.


As mentioned earlier, Carrd has a free plan that you can use to create your link on the bio page. The free plan gives you access to all of the Carrd’s core features and allows you to build up to three sites, which is useful if you have multiple brands to promote.

Carrd offers three pricing options.

Pro Lite ($9 per year)

This plan offers you the following features:

  • 3 Sites
  • Premium URLs
  • No Branding
  • High Quality Images
  • Large Images and Videos
  • No Element Limit
  • Pro Templates
  • Custom Templates
  • Video Uploads
  • Slideshows
  • Site Icons
  • Share Images
  • QR Codes
  • Site Transfers
  • Sharing

Pro Standard ($19/year)

In addition to all features of Pro Lite, this plan provides you with below additional features:

  • Forms
  • Widgets
  • Embeds
  • Google Analytics
  • Meta Tags
  • Local Fonts

Pro Plus ($49/year)

In addition to all features of Pro Standard, the plan provides you with these additional features

  • Advanced Settings
  • Download Sites
  • Redirects
  • Password Protection
  • Variables
  • Site Files
  • Update Frequency
  • Canonical URL

Carrd Pricing

Click Here To Learn More About Carrd!

As far as Linktree goes, you can get started for free and include as many links as you want on your page, as well as collect payments and tips and add videos to your links. The downside of the free plan is that you’re limited in terms of customization.

Linktree offers below 4 types of plans:

Linktree pricing

Free Plan

The free plan offers you the following features:

  • NFT Lock and Gallery
  • Music Pre-Save
  • Bandsintown Link App
  • Contact Details and Form Link Apps
  • Pinterest Link Embeds
  • Audiomack Link App
  • Podcast Link App
  • Social Icons, and
  • Unlimited Links, and many more

Starter Plan ($5/year)

In addition to all features of the free plan, you also get:

  • Buttons and Font Styles
  • Extended Themes
  • NFT Background
  • Custom or Stock Background Images & Videos
  • Support Banner
  • Social Icons
  • Individual Link Analytics, and more

Pro Plan ($9/month) – with 30-day free trial available

In addition to the starter plan features, you get additional access to:

  • Global UTM Parameters
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Settings
  • Zapier Integration
  • Custom T&Cs, and more

Premium Plan ($24/month)

All features of the Pro Plan, in addition to:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Data Exports
  • Onboarding Call
  • Exclusive Content

Conclusion – When to Choose Carrd vs Linktree?

Both Carrd and Linktree are top choices to help you build your link in bio page.

Carrd is an ideal option if you want the following:

  • A flexible solution that offers more templates and is more customizable
  • Be able to create several web pages.
  • Publish sites to a unique custom domain with full SSL certificates.
  • Something that works more like a website builder rather than just a collection of links.

Linktree might be the perfect fit for you, especially if you want:

  • A simple solution specifically for displaying links.
  • Easily keep track of how each of your links is performing.
  • Something that works without spending too much time on design.
  • A solution with more link options.
  • A more affordable option, with a free plan available.

In conclusion, choosing between Carrd vs Linktree may come down to what features you value the most. If you want a simpler, more affordable solution of displaying extra links on your social media profile – Linktree is the way to go. If you’d rather be able to link to a landing page with multiple pages and more customizable features – then Carrd is for you!

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