Flodesk Pricing Explained: Is it Worth the Cost in 2024?

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There are dozens of popular email marketing tools out there that have seemingly complex pricing structures.

Take Mailchimp for instance. Just looking at Mailchimp’s pricing chart can be overwhelming given that there are multiple plans with different pricing depending on their features. For each plan, your exact monthly price for each plan is calculated by how many subscribers you have. On top of that, there is a separate pay-as-you-go option. Figuring out what plan meets your needs at a price you can afford can be a headache.

Flodesk, on the other hand, has an extremely straight-forward pricing structure compared to its competitors. At one fixed price, you can send emails to as many subscribers as you want. You might be wondering exactly how much does Flodesk cost and in this blog, you will find a comprehensive overview of Flodesk’s pricing, giving you a breakdown on just how affordable Flodesk is compared to its competition.


Flodesk pricing basics: How much is Flodesk? 

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Flodesk’s pricing structure is relatively simple. 

Flodesk offers three subscriptions:

  • Email (Flodesk’s email marketing service)
  • Checkout (Flodesk’s e-commerce online payment solution)
  • Email and Checkout (Both Flodesk’s email marketing service and online payment solution)

With Flodesk, you can subscribe to either monthly or annual billing. You can get products at the following price points with monthly billing:

  • Email: $38/month 
  • Checkout: $26/month
  • Email and Checkout: $64/month

Flodesk Pricing

With annual billing, you can get Flodesk at the following price points:

  • Email: $35/month 
  • Checkout: $24/month 
  • Email and Checkout: $59/month

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For instance, you would normally use Flodesk for a fixed cost of $38 a month with a monthly plan but by using our discount code you can get the tool for $19 a month, every month. 

At this fixed price, you can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers. Additionally, this fixed price includes all the features that the tool has to offer.


How much does Flodesk cost per year? 

With monthly billing, the total cost over a 12 month period will be:

  • Email: $456/year (or $228/year with our link)
  • Checkout: $288/year (or $144/year with our link)
  • Email and Checkout: $708/year (or $354/year with our link)

Choosing to opt for annual billing gets you the software one month for free out of the year. This brings the total yearly cost to:

  • Email: $385/month (or $192.50/year with our link)
  • Checkout: $264/month (or $132/year with our link)
  • Email and Checkout: $649/month (or $324.50/year with our link)

Is Flodesk free? Does Flodesk have a free version?

Free plans, also known as “freemiums” are sometimes offered by marketing software. Often these free plans have limited features to incentivize users to upgrade for additional paid features. 

Flodesk recently introduced a free version of the platform, called ‘Link in bio’ allowing you to keep, engage, and grow the audience you grow on your social media. There is also an option for a 30-day free trial of their paid plans and is great for experimenting with the platform, getting acclimated to it, and determining for sure if it’s right for you. Since there is no need for a credit card to access there really is nothing to lose and when your free trial expires you will automatically be moved onto the free plan. 

Why Flodesk’s pricing plan is so unique…

Flodesk’s pricing structure is unique mainly because very few other email marketing platforms charge the same flat price regardless of how many subscribers you have. 

Flodesk fixed pricing

Typically, the more subscribers you have, the more costly the marketing tool is. Additionally, unlike Flodesk some platforms have tiered plans that include more and more features as you upgrade your plan. That being said, the pricing of some email marketing tools can become complicated.

Simplicity in terms of pricing is one of the key reasons why Flodesk is appealing to many. No upgrades that you might need to pay extra for later down the road. No limitations of features. Just $19 per month (with our ClickyDrip discount), every month, no matter what.

Flodesk paid plans: A closer look

Email  Checkout Email & Checkout
Monthly Billing (w/ out discount) $38 $26 $64
Annual Billing (w/ out discount) $35 $24 $59

As mentioned, Flodesk has three plans: Email, Checkout, and Email & Checkout. 

However, Flodesk is best known for the email marketing side of the software. Flodesk has developed and refined it’s email marketing software since 2019 when it was founded, and the checkout feature is a relatively new addition to Flodesk’s product line. 

The email marketing product comes with the following key features: 

  • Unlimited email sends and subscribers: No limitations on your audience and the amount of emails to send.
  • Newsletter builder: The super easy to use newsletter builder makes designing your emails a breeze without the need for hard coding. Enjoy the simplicity of a Drag-And-Drop interface
  • Subscriber segmentation: Easily segment your email list based on shared characteristics
  • Form builder: Create pop up forms, embedded and hosted forms in addition to landing pages allowing you to capture email addresses and build your subscriber base 
  • Automation: Schedule emails to send in the future and creates workflows to send a series of emails out in succession
  • Workflow editor: Create simple or complex workflows that can be tailored to your subscribers based on their actions
  • Detailed Analytics: See stats such as open rates and clicks to gain insight into your subscribers’ behavior

A quick word on Flodesk’s Checkout tier plan…

Flodesk Checkout is an online payment solution that’s perfect for e-commerce business owners or small businesses that sell digital products. With Flodesk Checkout, you can build sales pages to feature and promote your product, and a subsequent checkout page to facilitate the sale of that product via credit card. 

These products are powerful enough on their own, but sparks can really fly when you use them together with the Email and Checkout plan. With this plan, you can launch email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your sales pages where you can process sales. The email marketing and checkout features beautifully complement each other to grow your revenue. 



Is Flodesk worth what it costs for email marketing?

flodesk homepage

As with most marketing tools, whether or not Flodesk is worth its price is subjective and comes down to your needs. Someone who genuinely loves Flodesk might argue that it offers value well beyond the $19 monthly cost, whereas another person facing frustrations with the tool might hold a different opinion.

Ultimately, your assessment of Flodesk’s value should be based on two things: the size of your subscriber base and how much you personally value Flodesk’s features.

The size of your subscriber base 

Keep in mind that at one fixed price you can send unlimited emails to as many email subscribers as you want. Most other email marketing platforms become increasingly expensive as you add more subscribers. 

That being said, if you have thousands of email subscribers, there is a good chance that Flodesk may be significantly more affordable than other email marketing platforms. Depending on the size of your subscriber list, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars more every month with another email marketing platform.

To put things in perspective, if you have 10,000 subscribers you can send emails to them for $19/month with Flodesk, but you would have to pay $74.99/month to send emails with Mailchimp. (Flodesk vs Mailchimp: An Inside Look)

On the other hand, if you are just starting out and have little to no email subscribers then $19/month might actually be a pretty steep price to pay. It can take some time to build up a subscriber base and learn how to communicate with them effectively. So if you are just starting out, it could be a while before you see a return on that $19/month investment.

The value of Flodesks key features

What Flodesk is worth to you depends on how much you value its greatest features.

“What are Flodesks greatest features?” you might ask. Flodesk seems to have two key features that make it stand out of the crowd the most: its intuitive user interface and stunning newsletter templates.

As for Flodesk’s user interface, in general, the platform is set up in an extremely logical way that makes it incredibly easy to use. Flodesk also doesn’t include any super-advanced settings that can only complicate things. It only gives you the basic functionality you need for effective email marketing. Sometimes minimalism and simplicity is more important than the bells and whistles touted by other email marketing platforms, and if that is something you value then this user-friendly interface would be ideal for you. 

As for Flodesk’s newsletter templates, this is one of the platform’s greatest draws. Flodesk’s newsletter templates are chic, modern, and artsy. These memorable and stylish designs are eye-catching to a point that your emails will stand out in your subscriber’s inbox. For many, these templates are a breath of fresh air considering most other email marketing platforms’ generic looking templates.

Down below are just a few of Flodesk’s dozens of aesthetically pleasing templates  

4 flodesk email templates

Ultimately, if you are in need of an easy-to-use platform and you want to send beautiful emails, then Flodesk very well might be worth the money.

To learn more about Flodesk’s features click here!

Flodesk’s pricing compared to competitors
(for email marketing)

chart of flodesk's pricing compared to competitors
Flodesk vs Competitors

The chart above shows the price per month for Flodesk and 16 of its most popular competitors. 

As you can see, if you don’t have many subscribers, many of Flodesk’s competitors are simply more affordable than Flodesk. However, as you gradually increase the number of subscribers, at 5,000+ subscribers Flodesk clearly becomes the more affordable option. Additionally, if your subscriber base is growing rapidly and you currently have a modest number, Flodesk might be the more cost-effective choice in the long run, even with its relatively high starting price.

To see 7 of Flodesk’s most similar competitors check out this post here!


Final words: Things to consider other than price

Keep in mind that price is just one way you should compare Flodesk to its competitors when deciding which email marketing tool is best for you. 

It’s important to note that there are various features that Flodesk’s competitors have that Flodesk simply doesn’t. The downside of Flodesk’s minimalistic platform is that it’s relatively more limited compared to some of its competition.

What are the disadvantages of Flodesk ? 

Flodesk comes without some advanced features that may be make or break… such as split testing, adequate customer support, lead scoring, geolocation, and conversion tracking. Another limitation lies in its inability to integrate directly with third-party tools and software; instead, it only allows integration through Zapier.

Advanced features like these can be beneficial for well-established businesses that already have a large subscriber base. If this sounds like you then it might be worth considering a few other more robust email marketing tools in addition to Flodesk. 

So… is it worth it ? 

Whilst Flodesk does come with its limitations, for many businesses on the small side, these features might not be necessary. For some they are especially unnecessary if you are just starting to build your email list. For others, the pros might just be enough to outweigh the cons. 

Either way, no matter the size of your subscriber list, there is no harm in trying Flodesk for free to see for yourself. Only then you will really know if the platform is worth it for you. 

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