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As a growing business that promotes its products or services through email marketing, at some point, you will need email marketing templates that embody your brand. Email marketing tools often offer these templates, which help you use and implement these templates.

Fortunately, there are numerous email marketing templates out there. In fact, there are so many downloadable email marketing templates that it can be difficult to find templates that embody your company’s brand. 

In this post, you can download 11 stunning business email templates for free.

1. ‘Your feedback matters’ by Stripo 

your feedback matters email free template by stripo

This template by Stripo is designed to solicit customer input and generate reviews – one of the best ways to convince other customers your business is useful. It encourages recipients to share their thoughts about your business.

However, this template certainly doesn’t need to be used for this purpose. What’s important is the design of the template itself. This template has an extremely minimalistic design and can be repurposed for practically any use case. 

That said, if you’re looking for a bare-bone, sleek, and modern business email template that can complement practically any brand style guidelines, this template is for you.

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2. ‘Legal Studio Minimal’ by Beefree.io 

beefree.io legal studio minimal free email template

Created by Beefree.io, this email template can serve as a welcome or introductory email for your brand. The template is branded for a hypothetical law firm, but the template can be leveraged by practically any business. 

This template is built in a series of sections. The first is a header and a video to the right of the header. The next two sections have areas of text and images to describe your firm. This is followed by a section to showcase your business’s team members and a testimonial. Additionally, there are various strategically placed sections for CTAs. 

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3. ‘Pitch your Services’ by Unlayer 

pitch your services email template by unlayer

“Pitch your services” is another bare-bones business email template. Created by Unlayer

It would be straightforward to style this template to match your company’s branding. After all, there are three main colors at play in this template: the white background, the font color, and the background color block behind the second image. By simply changing the teal background color and font color to match your company’s color palette, your work would practically be done. 

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4. ‘Newsletter – single post’ by Tabular 

This is the perfect modern newsletter template for businesses in practically any industry. 

This template is perfect for displaying a few sentences of a new blog post, coupled with the blog post’s featured image. By sending out a weekly newsletter on a template like this, you can continuously update your audience and drive email traffic to your blog. 

Because the template is so clean and minimalistic, it can complement most business’s branding. However, if you want to spice it up, Tabular’s email editor makes it easy to change the color scheme, change out fonts, and modify the CTA button design. 


Newsletter Single Post Tabular

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5. ‘Get rewards for inviting friends’ by Stripo

get rewards for inviting friends email template by stripo

The beauty of this email marketing template is its versatility. Although, technically, the template is intended for a referral program, it can be used for practically anything. An email template with a graphic area, an area for text, and a CTA can be used as a newsletter, a notification, a promotional email and more. 

However, if you’d like to use it as intended, the graphic GIF is a really nice touch. The artwork changes colors and is extremely eye-catching.

Like other email templates on Stripo, this template has been tested on Email on Acid and Litmus to ensure it renders properly on all email clients. 

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6. ‘Fresh news digest’ by Stripo

fresh news digest email template by stripo

This is the perfect business email template for news-oriented content. It is built with a series of sections designed to showcase quick blurbs of info. 

This HTML template comes in a few sections: a personal note section, an updates section, an our news section, a your feedback matters section, and an our new services section. 

Leveraging this template could be a great way to create a company newsletter for your business. But with so many sections, it can really be edited for any purpose. 

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7. ‘We’re here to help along the way’ by Stripo

we're here to help email template by stripo

This is a survey and feedback email with a few sections that can be repurposed and edited however you see fit.

The first section shows a header image followed by a blurb of text and a CTA. The subsequent sections include icons, areas of text, and an email signature area for the sender of the email. Various CTAs are interwoven throughout these sections to drive traffic to your website. 

Like other Stripo templates, Stripo indicates which email marketing platforms this template can be exported to. Fortunately, this template can be transferred to all the most popular email marketing platforms, including HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more. 

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8. ‘Welcome to membership’ by Tabular

welcome to membership email template by tabular

This beautifully designed free business template by Tabular is perfect for any membership-based service. Its aesthetic style could fit well with a fashion brand, an online community, a nonprofit, an e-commerce business, and numerous other types of organizations. 

Unlike many other templates with sections structured in two or three columns to feature images and text, this template doesn’t have any columns. Rather it’s composed of an image that takes up the template’s width, followed by text, followed by another image, etc. Although it might not seem important, templates structured this way are easily digestible and skimmable for readers. The UX on this template certainly makes it stand out from many others. 

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9. ‘We work outside of the box’ by Beefree.io 

we work outside the box email template by beefree.io

Created by Beefree.io, this is an excellent marketing email template for practically any business. This template has a section to illustrate your business’s core values, your business philosophy, your services, your team members, customer testimonials, and much more. Fun graphics and CTAs are strategically placed throughout the template. 

Similar to other email design tools, this Beefree.io tells you who the email designer is for each template. That said, you can sort through templates based on the designer if you’re interested in templates with a similar style. 

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10. ‘Johnson’s Place’ by Topol.io

johnsons place email template by topol

This is another bare-bones business email – by Topol.io. Although it has a great structure, this template’s design might be a little more outdated compared to the other templates on this list. 

Nevertheless, this could be a great email for transactional emails, internal marketing emails, and newsletters. 

Topol allows you to export your email template into a select few email clients or export the raw HTML code to be uploaded wherever you want. 

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11. Black Modern Minimalist Grid Marketing Email Newsletter

black modern minimalist email template by canva

There is something to be said about dark-background business newsletter templates with light text. After looking at light backgrounds on your computer all day, a sudden dark-colored email can really capture the attention of email recipients rather well. 

Consider this template as a way to promote your blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis. Being able to feature two blog posts at a time could potentially give you a better opportunity to drive clicks to your website. 

View Template Here

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