11 Best Mailchimp Popup WordPress Plugins

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11 Best Mailchimp Popup WordPress Plugins

Popup forms are one of the most effective ways to grow your email list. Fortunately, if you are using Mailchimp for email marketing, there are plenty of Mailchimp popup WordPress plugins that you can use for your website. 

However, there are some key differences between these Mailchimp popup form builders in terms of the types of popup forms you can build, their features, and overall user experience. Depending on your needs, preferences, and budget, some of these form builders might be better for your business than others.

In this post, you can discover 11 of the best Mailchimp popup WordPress plugins and learn what sets them apart. 

Brave Popup Builder

brave on wordpress.org

The Brave Popup Builder is a visual builder that allows you to easily add elements such as text, buttons, images, form fields, and more to your popup forms. All of those elements can easily be dragged and dropped onto your form. This allows you to easily see the changes as you’re making them. 

You can create all kinds of popups — sticky header popups, opt-in popups, slide-in popups, and more. To make things even better, you’re not limited to newsletter forms. You can also create feedback forms and contact forms. 

Every popup you create allows you to set notifications and fine-tune your targeting options. In addition to that, you can customize the frequency, design separate forms for mobile and desktop, and style the form to your liking. 

Brave has a free plan as well as a paid version which offers multi-step forms, additional elements, and styling options. Paid plans start at $59/year.

Mailchimp Subscribe Form

mailchimp subscribe form on wordpress.org

The Mailchimp Subscribe Form plugin promises to make it easy to create high-converting subscription forms. It offers a number of premade templates that you can use as a starting point. You can also customize your forms to match the rest of your site. You can build the forms using a visual, drag and drop editor. 

As far as actual popup forms go, this plugin allows you to create popup forms, fly-in forms, full page popup forms, and more. You can create unlimited forms for different lead magnets. The forms are also fully responsive.

The plugin has a free version that offers 60 templates and the features we covered above. Premium version of the plugin unlocks additional features such as the ability to export subscribers as a CSV file, additional customization options, and integrations with other email services.

Popup Builder

popup builder on wordpress.org

The Popup Builder plugin offers a lot of options when it comes to creating high-converting email subscription forms. The plugin has a simple and intuitive interface and allows you to customize the popup forms to match your site. You can add images, text, buttons, and other elements to your forms. 

This plugin makes it easy to build all kinds of popup forms and fine-tune how they display on your site. You can create image popups, Facebook popups, HTML popups, and more. In addition to that, the plugin integrates with third-party plugins such as Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce. 

All of the above is available on the free version of the plugin. The premium version offers additional popup form types such as exit-intent form, WooCommerce Login popup, and Mailchimp integration. Paid plans start at $39.95/year for 2 websites.


hustle on wordpress.org

The Hustle plugin allows you to build popup forms and much more. You’ll get designer email popup templates as well as the ability to set up optin forms, build your social media following, and display targeted ads. 

The plugin comes with shortcodes so you can easily add your popup forms anywhere on your site. The templates are suitable for a variety of use cases. In addition to that, you can style the forms differently for desktop and mobile devices. 

As far as actual popup forms, you can create popups, slide-in popups, widgets, and after-post opt in forms. The forms can be customized and you can fine-tune when and where the forms display. This includes setting a display schedule as well as enabling exit-intent display. 

The free version of the plugin is limited to three popups, three slide-ins, and three social share bars. The paid version offers the ability to create unlimited forms. Pricing starts at $5/mo for a single website.

Mailchimp Forms by MailMunch

mailchimp forms on wordpress.org

With Mailchimp Forms by MailMunch, you’ll be able to easily create beautiful-looking popup forms and add images, buttons, and form fields. The forms are fully responsive and you can build an unlimited number of forms. Types of forms include popup forms with exit intent, sidebar widget forms, embedded forms, scroll box, landing pages, and top bar forms. 

You can see detailed analytics for your Mailchimp forms and even perform A/B test to see which form converts better. This plugin also allows you to turn off the double-optin feature, create custom thank you messages, and disable or enable the welcome email. 

You can get most of the features offered by this plugin for free. The paid version of the plugin includes the ability to get instant email notifications, create landing pages, and access to analytics and advanced templates. Paid plans start at $6.99/mo.

Popup Maker

pop up maker on wordpress.org

The Popup Maker is a popular Mailchimp popup WordPress plugin that focuses on creating any type of popup, modal, or content overlay for your WordPress website. You can use it to create email subscription forms, eCommerce popups, contact form popups, and more. 

The plugin has an easy-to-use interface and you can customize the forms to match your site. You’ll also be able to precisely configure where and when each form displays. 

Popup forms can be triggered automatically, with time delay as well as when someone clicks a button or fills out a form on your site. 

Popup Maker integrates with other WordPress plugins such as Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and more. 

Integration with Mailchimp as well as advanced features such as exit-intent popups are available with a premium plan. Paid plans for this plugin start at $87/year for a single site. 


poptin on wordpress.org

If you want to increase your conversion rate, be sure to check out the Poptin plugin. Their platform tracks the visitor’s behavior and displays popups at the right time to ensure your visitors convert into subscribers and leads. The plugin uses exit intent technology as well as other triggers to display the popup forms. 

Poptin allows you to create popups, slide-in forms, inline forms, widgets, and more. You can use dynamic merge tags to personalize the forms and add tags to your Mailchimp integration. You can create unlimited forms and the plugin also integrates with WooCommerce so you can sync your customers with Mailchimp. 

All of the above features are available on the free plan. The premium plan allows you to also set up and send autoresponders and removes Popoptin’s branding. Pricing starts at $19/mo for one website with up to 10000 monthly visitors.


optinmonster on wordpress.org

OptinMonster is a well-known and highly popular plugin for WordPress. It lets you create popup forms, email subscription forms, sticky announcement bars, spin a wheel opt-in forms, and other types of interactive popup forms for your site. The plugin comes with smart targeting and personalization features that set it apart from other plugins on this list. 

OptinMonster has a drag and drop interface and you can add all the standard elements such as form fields, buttons, and images. However, you can also add dynamic elements such as countdown timers, spin a wheel, and other elements that change based on visitor’s behavior. 

With OptinMonster, you can easily integrate your popup and email optin forms with Mailchimp and even A/B test the forms to see which one performs better. 

Mailchimp integration is available on the paid plan which starts at $9/mo billed annually for a single website. Their free plan is limited to 500 campaign impressions.

Popup Maker

popup maker on wordpress.org

Popup Maker is a standalone application for WordPress that allows you to create all kinds of popup forms. Your popup can contain elements such as image popups, countdown timers, video popups, HTML popups, and more. You can even mix and match different elements to create a highly converting optin form. 

Forms can be triggered using exit intent technology for both desktop and mobile devices, on scroll, on load, on hover, and more. 

The plugin allows you to create and customize an unlimited number of popup forms. You can also add animations to your popups and create Mailchimp popups with ease. On top of that, the plugin integrates with Google Analytics so you can easily monitor your conversion rates.

As far as pricing goes, this plugin offers a 21-day free trial. Paid plans start at $6.95/mo for unlimited websites and unlimited page views.


mailoptin on wordpress.org

MailOption allows you to create popup forms that display on your site triggered by exit intent as well as slide in forms. You can use the intuitive drag and drop editor to build beautiful optin forms and add all the standard elements such as form fields, buttons, and different animation effects to make your forms stand out. Forms are responsive and customizable. You can embed them as widgets as well as use shortcodes to add them anywhere on your site. 

On top of popup forms that integrate with Mailchimp, you can use MailOptin to notify users of new blog posts. The plugin integrates with popular contact form plugins so users who submit a form can be added to your Mailchimp list. 

The free version of the plugin includes all of the above features. There’s also a premium version with A/B testing, more optin form types, and advanced features such as the ability to schedule forms to display at a certain time. Premium plans start at $79/year for one website.

Forms For Mailchimp

forms for mailchimp on wordpress.org

Forms for Mailchimp is a simple and straightforward plugin that lets you set your forms up quickly. The plugin offers post optin forms, sidebar widgets, and lightbox popups. Forms can be added via a Gutenberg block, directly or with a shortcode.

The plugin allows you to customize the forms to match the rest of your site. You can choose between font sizes, colors and more.

This simple newsletter plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of forms and the plugin is completely free. 

You can instantly know which one of your forms is converting best thanks to built-in analytics. The plugin will sync the subscribers to your Mailchimp lists however, it doesn’t work with Mailchimp Groups yet. 

In addition to that, the plugin is compatible with Gutenberg and offers two blocks to help you grow your Mailchimp list. 

Final Words

As you can see, there is no shortage of Mailchimp popup plugins for WordPress that can be used for all kinds of popups and for various purposes. The best part about them is that they all offer a free version or a free trial. That means you can easily test out everything they have to offer to find the perfect Mailchimp popup plugin for your needs.

Which one is your plugin of choice? Let us know in the comments!

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