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Linktree, the famous bio link tool, has become a staple for a wide range of users. Spanning from renowned celebrities to burgeoning influencers and countless brands. If you’re new to this versatile tool, or considering its use, you might be curious as to how people go about using the platform. Inspiration can be a powerful ally when crafting your own Linktree, and that’s precisely what this post aims to deliver.

In this article, we delve into 23 Linktree examples, showcasing the diverse approaches adopted by individuals and brands on Instagram.

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry Instagram

Katy Perry’s Linktree offers a glimpse into how this iconic musician utilizes the platform. With a multitude of links, she effortlessly promotes her latest songs, merchandise, and charitable initiatives, all complemented by a cohesive red theme that mirrors her distinctive style.

Kary Perry Linktree

2. Mari Takahashi

Mari Takahashi Instagram

Mari Takahashi, a multifaceted TV host, gamer, and actor, has crafted a Linktree that incorporates a customized theme featuring her images. Cleverly employing headers, Mari organizes her content, directing visitors to YouTube gaming videos, her online store, and her bag company.

Mari Takahashi Linktree

3. Jack Falahee

Jack Falahee IG

Singer and actor Jack Falahee offers a comprehensive Linktree with a straightforward blue gradient theme. Beyond self-promotion, Jack highlights the endeavors of his family and friends, in addition to championing various charitable causes.

Jack Falahee Linktree

4. Eco Hair Stylist

Eco Hairstylist Instagram

Eco Hair Stylist provides an exemplary demonstration of how small businesses can effectively utilize Linktree. With a customized theme and only three links, she steers visitors towards her website, salon bookings, and hair products – illustrating that simplicity often yields powerful call-to-action results.

Eco Hairstylist Linktree

5. Tika The Iggy

Tika the Iggy Instagram

Tika The Iggy’s Linktree adopts a simple green gradient theme, effectively promoting merchandise through straightforward links, making it a perfect showcase for merch promotion.

Tika the Iggy Linktree

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6. Draplin Design

Draplin Instagram

Draplin Design’s Instagram showcases their graphic design prowess, and their Linktree exemplifies how brands can leverage the platform. Utilizing a combination of their brand’s orange hue and dark grey buttons, the Linktree directs users to courses, projects, and other creative work.

Draplin Linktree

7. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver Instagram

Renowned chef Jamie Oliver maintains a minimalist Linktree with a clean white background and dark grey buttons. The links prominently feature his cookbooks, classes, partner offers, and special deals.

Jamie Oliver Linktree

8. RuPaul Official

RuPaul Instagram

RuPaul’s Instagram and Linktree are as bold and vibrant as the drag queen icon himself. A striking yellow background and neon links command attention, directing visitors to his latest single, social media profiles, and masterclass.

RuPaul Linktree

9. Hikarisengoku

Hikari Sengoku Instagram

Hikari Sengoku’s Instagram and Linktree favor minimalism, with a blue background and transparent buttons. Unique to this Linktree are Google Drive folders, a rare but efficient method for sharing documents and files.

Hikari Sengoku Linktree

10. Donna Hay Magazine

Donna Hay Magazine Instagram

Donna Hay’s Instagram, brimming with delectable recipes, is complemented by a Linktree that bears her signature blue color. Links to her website, latest recipe book, and email list occupy prime real estate, while social media profiles occupy the footer, encouraging cross-platform engagement.

Donna Hay Magazine Linktree

11. Nicole Zaridze

Nicole Zaridze Instagram

Nicole Zaridze’s Instagram showcases her unique artwork, and her Linktree is a colorful extension of her brand. Links direct visitors to her store, website, comic book series, and other online platforms where she’s active.

Nicole Zaridze Linktree

12. Coterie Band

Coterie Band Instagram

Coterie Band’s Linktree serves as a promotional hub for their music endeavors. Aligning with their Instagram’s behind-the-scenes band photos, this Linktree features Spotify profiles, music videos, and links to their other social media accounts.

Coterie Band Linktree

13. The Pottery Parade

The Pottery Parade Instagram

For pottery enthusiasts, The Pottery Parade’s Linktree is a minimalist delight. With a serene green background and transparent buttons, it offers easy access to signing up for their mailing list, visiting their shop website, and enrolling in their pottery course – a perfect model for e-commerce businesses.

The Pottery Parade Linktree

14. Toca Boca

Toca Boca Instagram

Toca Boca’s playful Instagram, centered around digital toys, finds resonance in their colorful Linktree. The theme seamlessly matches their content, even incorporating fonts from their Instagram photos. This Linktree efficiently promotes toy collections, apps, and support contacts.

Toca Boca Linktree

15. Proximity

Proximity Instagram

Proximity’s vibrant Instagram is echoed in its Linktree, featuring gradients and transparent buttons. Notably, it offers video previews when users click on individual links, further connecting them to playlists, profiles, and a Discord channel.

Proximity Linktree

16. Socality

Socality Instagram

Socality’s muted Instagram, showcasing their community members, extends to their Linktree, which is minimalist and black-and-white. The use of descriptive link names facilitates user understanding, especially when navigating event sign-ups.

Socality Linktree

17. Ploo

Ploo Instagram

Ploo, a Twitch streamer and gamer, employs Instagram to connect with her audience. Her Linktree, with its minimal grey gradient and transparent buttons, simplifies access to various social media profiles, providing an effective method for boosting her follower count.

Ploo Linktree

18. Adam Levine

Adam Levine Instagram

Adam Levine, like many celebrities, employs Instagram for personal insights and social causes. His Linktree offers a variety of links, simplifying access to his latest projects, songs, and collaborations, all enveloped in a minimal gradient theme.

Adam Levine Linktree

19. Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora Instagram

Malaika Arora’s Instagram, featuring food, fitness, and fashion, seamlessly transitions to her on-brand Linktree. Unique features include a custom background photo and transparent buttons, enhancing the user experience when promoting various facets of her business catering to diverse interests.

Malaika Arora Linktree

20. BC Ale Trail

BC Ale Trail Instagram

BC Ale Trail’s Instagram paints a vivid picture of local breweries in British Columbia, and its Linktree reinforces this theme with on-brand imagery. It cleverly guides users to their YouTube channel, popular blog posts, and newsletter signup – a holistic approach to engaging followers.

BC Ale Trail Linktree

21. Blasterjaxx

Blaster Jaxx Instagram

Blasterjaxx’s Instagram is an inspiration for aspiring musicians looking to build their brand. Their Linktree complements their brand, offering links to music videos, Spotify playlists, and other platforms where their music is available.

Blaster Jaxx Linktree

22. Charlie Rocket

Charlie Instagram

Charlie Rocket uses Instagram to bring awareness to his movement of making dreams come true across America. His Linktree has a simple gradient design. He uses it to promote current campaigns, encourage donations, and promote his free app. On top of that, he makes it easy to book him for a speaking engagement by linking straight to his website where you can learn more about him.

Charlie Rocket Linktree

23. World Star Hip Hop

World Star Hiphop Instagram

This Instagram account promotes hip hop stars and their Linktree is used in a similar fashion. It features a minimal design theme. The links promote not only their YouTube channel and website but also other notable hip hop artists. They also link to their weekly Spotify playlist as well as their merch shop and apps on App Store and Play Store. 

World Star Hiphop Linktree

Final Words

We hope you’ve found inspiration in these 23 Linktree examples. Whether you already have a Linktree account or are considering one, these diverse examples should aid you in crafting your personalized link page. Additionally, if you’re exploring alternatives to Linktree, rest assured that numerous free link-in-bio tools await your experimentation.

Hopefully, you got some value from these Linktree examples. If you have your own Linktree account, these Linktree ideas should help you decide how to design your very own link page. 

On the other hand, if you don’t already have a Linktree account, you may be interested in exploring other link in bio/bio link tools. Fortunately, there are many free link in bio tools just like Linktree that you can experiment with. 

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