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14 Free Link in Bio Tools for Instagram

Bio links tools are an excellent way to direct your Instagram followers to your blog, affiliated brands, charities, or any other websites of your choice. 

However, given that these tools are relatively simple, it’s no surprise that many people would prefer to simply use a fremium version over paid plans. 

After all, for those that just want to display links and aren’t interested in any extra bells and whistles, paying for premium features just wouldn’t make sense. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of free link in bio tools for Instagram that you can choose from. 

Let’s dive in… 


Linktree Website

Linktree lets its users create an easily customized personal landing page to link all vital content they want to share with social media followers. It is a valuable tool that helps circumvent Instagram’s single link in bio issue.

Whether it’s offering up your latest articles, blog posts, videos, and website updates, or links to your online store or other social media posts, your Linktree page serves as a launchpad for users to access your entire online presence. Linktree also offers a range of great features that can help boost audience engagement.


With a Linktree account, users can: by Later

Linkinbio Website is like having a micro-website built into your Instagram profile. It allows users to turn every Instagram post into a clickable, shoppable image. With, users can highlight their most important content so that their audience can find the content that matters most to them, every time. The tool comes with Later, a social media management tool that offers an array of digital marketing and management features that go far beyond a workaround for Instagram’s link in bio issue. 


With, users can:


Campsite Website

Campsite stretches a user’s Instagram link in bio to the limits by allowing its users to create a social landing page that offers high-conversions within just a few minutes of signup. With Campsite, which calls itself “your social bio link outfitter,” users can immediately share essential content with their Instagram followers.


With Campsite, users can:

About.Me Website is a powerful social networking platform that helps users build a personalized, publicly available online presence. It is an easy-to-use, convenient platform that lets users organize and present a comprehensive collection of web properties about them, their business, or their brand. Internet users can access a user’s page without registering for an account. The platform serves as an excellent tool for addressing Instagram’s single link in bio restriction.  


With, users can:


Milkshake Website

Milkshake is an Android and iOS app that allows users to build a simple website right from their phone. Milkshake uses “cards,” which are a user’s website pages. Cards are swiped just like an Instagram Story. Cards are customizable and can feature text, images, YouTube videos, blog posts, links, contact details, and more. After creating a website with Milkshake, a user can add the link to their Instagram Bio.


With Milkshake, users can:

Tap Bio

Tap.Bio Website

Tap Bio is another Instagram link in bio tool that lets users create a personalized and branded website using a card format. With Tap Bio, users can create cards that feature links, pictures, messages, or anything else that they want to share with their Instagram audience. A Tap Bio link resides in a user’s Instagram bio and gives audiences a direct path to their website, social media profiles, and other online content. 


With Tap Bio, users can


Linkfolio Website

LinkFolio allows users to build beautiful, branded portfolios in just a few easy steps. A Linkfolio is accessible through a single link posted in an Instagram bio to drive traffic, monitor growth, sell products, and build brands, all from one central location. LinkFolio is part of the FramePick lineup. Framepick offers a complete toolkit of brand management tools including the FamePick Media Kit, FP insights, Knowledge Hub and Brand Outreach. 


With Linkfolio, users can


Feedlink Website

Feedlink is a simple link that you can put in your Instagram bio (or anywhere really) that allows you to turn your Instagram feed into a marketing machine. What’s really cool about Feedlink is that it turns your Instagram feed into a series of clickable posts while still looking exactly like an Instagram grid.


With Feedlink, users can

Lnk.Bio Website is designed not just for Instagram, but its a great free tool for TikTok and YouTube as well—basically, anywhere you have a link in your bio, you can put is one of the more robust free bio link tools on the list, but it does have paid versions that allow you to get access to some of the cooler features, like scheduling links, stats and tracking, and Instagram grid mirrors.


With, users can


Contactinbio Website

Contactinbio is essentially Linktree with added features. Just like with Linktree, you can create a custom landing page with tons of links to practically any kind of content you can think of. One of the biggest differences between the two is that you can add links to messaging apps.


With Contactinbio, users can


C8ke Website

C8ke is one of the most robust link in bio tools on this list, if not the most robust. It has an incredible number of features in the free version. It allows users to create a clickable link that can be placed anywhere—Instagram bio is the obvious choice, but any other social media platform will work. You get a customizable landing page that looks much better than anything the free version of Linktree can offer.


With C8ke, users can Website

While does have a free plan, it’s pretty limited, and the UI is very confusing. However, once you get the hang of it, you can add just about any type of content you can think of. Unfortunately, with the free version, you can’t do much in terms of editing the look and feel, and the colors and background are pretty basic.


With, users can


Willow Website

What’s great about Willow is that it allows for unlimited links in the free version. Unlike some of the other options, you get access to a number of beautiful themes that you can use right away. You get a link-filled page, so it’s not quite like some of the other options that let you create an Instagram grid.


With Willow, users can

Url.Bio Website is a pretty standard bio link tool. It’s targeted at TikTok users, but pretty much anyone can use it. It creates a single landing page that you can fill with unlimited links, and it’s pretty customizable, so you can change the look and feel and match your brand color scheme.


With, users can

Final words 

As you can see, there are many free link in bio tools for Instagram that you can choose from. Fortunately, because these tools are free, you can try out two or three of the tools you are most interested in to see which one might be the best choice for you. Best of luck!

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