Leadpages vs Wix: A Side by Side Comparison

Leadpages vs Wix

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Landing pages are a critical element of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

After all, landing pages are often the first interaction your prospective customers will have with your business. That being said, it’s important to make first impressions count. 

It’s essential that you choose a powerful landing page builder that will allow you to create engaging and high-converting landing pages. 

But what about Leadpages and Wix?

While these two platforms are both excellent, there are some important differences to be aware of. 

This post covers a complete comparison of Leadpages vs Wix in terms of features, user experience, and pricing. Let’s dive right in… 

About Leadpages and Wix

Leadpages is a product specifically designed to help companies design amazing landing pages. Founded in 2012,1 the company quickly went from the new kid on the block in the world of landing page software to one of the industry’s leading companies in less than 10 years. 

This software has a wide variety of beautiful templates to choose from, and a range of options for customizing your landing pages. You can get creative with widgets and forms, add booking forms, and even take payments in the same place. 

Unlike Leadpages, Wix isn’t considered exclusively a landing page builder, but rather a full-service website builder that is also capable of building landing pages. The company, founded in 2006,2 has been around a little longer than Leadpages, and comes with a slew of valuable features for building landing pages, as well as full-blown websites of course. Wix’s tools make life quick and simple, with easy editing options and apps to expand your page functionality. 



The vast collection of professional-looking templates are one of Leadpages’ biggest strengths. There are tons of options to choose from, sorted into collections, page type, style, and even color. You can even search for the kind of landing page you need with a specific keyword. Overall, there are about 500 landing page designs, with options like:

  • Lead capture
  • About & Bio
  • Checkout pages
  • Consultation pages
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Newsletters and Sign-up
  • Discount and coupon
  • Event registration
  • Webinar
  • Wait list and coming soon
  • Thank you and confirmation
  • Sales
  • Free resource and download

Leadpages Templates 1

No matter which category of page you choose, you will likely find a high-quality, modern template that meets your needs. Industry templates are also available, so you can use something custom-made for your preferred sector, such as Insurance, Creative Services, or Health and Wellness. 

The sheer volume of landing page options you get with Leadpages, combined with how easy the company makes it to sort through the designs makes Leadpages a breeze to work with. 

To find the landing page templates on Wix, you’ll need to go into the “website templates” section and scroll down to the bottom of the categories to find “Landing Pages”. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly as many options available here. You’ll be able to choose between two options: Coming Soon, or Promotional pages. On the plus side, within those categories, the designs are very high quality.

Every landing page we looked at on Wix was beautifully professional and modern, with sleek form fields and high-quality images. You can also find landing pages for some specific industries, like Real Estate or Fashion. 

Wix Templates

However, keep in mind that landing page templates are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Wix’s template selection goes. Wix is a full-blown website builder so there are plenty of other website templates you can choose from that can be repurposed as landing pages. 

Page Editor

Page Editors in Wix and Leadpages are where you actually design your landing pages. Upon clicking “Start Building” in order to editor your landing page, you are presented with a video step-by-step guide to help you figure out how everything works. 

The page builder on Leadpages is one of the smoothest we’ve seen, with easy drag-and-drop functionality, so you can quickly pop the modules you want into place. Click on the “Sections” tab, and you’ll be able to adjust the position of things like “About” boxes, and hero images. There’s a “Styles” tab, where you can play around with font, background content, and favicons, and even access Custom CSS if you have a bit of coding knowledge.

Leadpages even makes it easy to add your own widgets to your page, with various tools like countdown timers.

Leadpages Editor

The Wix landing page builder works in the same way as the Wix standard website builder. You choose a theme you like and click “Edit”, and the software will take you straight through to a clean-looking editing page. The menu of editing options on the left-hand side of the page allows you to add menus, pages, apps, background images, media, and more. 

If you click on “Theme Manager”, you can also adjust the colors of your landing page and add different kinds of fonts. A major bonus is you also have the easy option to preview what your page might look like in mobile or desktop format. 

Wix page editor

Every part of the Wix landing page builder works beautifully, with handy tools like gridlines and rulers to help you get the design just right. 

Conversion Tools

Conversion tools are what you’ll use to either capture leads or generate sales with Wix or LeadPages.

Fortunately, Leadpages gives you lots of flexibility over the design of your forms within your landing pages, making it easy to tweak your forms for optimal conversions. However, Leadpages has more than just forms.

Under “Conversion Tools” in the editor, you can create alert bars or pop-ups to help connect with your customers. The Popups are simple enough, with access to things like time-delay triggers, click-based triggers, and even exit-intent triggers. 

Alert bars come with mobile-friendly layouts, opt-in forms, and text-based announcements. To explore the kind of functionality you get with these conversion tools, we created our own pop-up. Though there aren’t really any templates to use here, you can adjust various parts of your pop-up, adding background images, videos, forms, buttons, and text. 

Leadpages Form

Not only that, but you can even add checkout forms to take payments from your landing pages as well. Leadpages integrates with many popular payment processors such as PayPal. 

Wix also allows you to easily add forms to your landing pages from the editor. Similar to the wide variety of page templates Wix offers, the platform also has a generous selection of templates just for forms. You can create subscribe forms, multi-step forms, and a form with e-sign capabilities.

However, other conversion tools like popups aren’t as easy to access with Wix. You can track down external pop-up creation tools within the Wix app marketplace, but there’s nothing available within the builder itself.

Notably, Wix also allows you to collect payments through these forms with the in-built Wix payment processor. This makes it easier to convert your customers immediately when they arrive on the right page. The forms don’t have as many customization options, but you can change the text and some color components. 

Wix Form 1

Lack of any obvious popup or alert bar options might seem like a problem for Wix at first but the customizability and large form selection might make up for this limitation. 

Publishing Options

When you’re ready to publish a landing page on Leadpages, you’ll have a handful of options to choose from. The most obvious option for most people will be to use the Leadpages domain that comes with your account. This means you can choose a name for your website in the https://examplesite.lpages.co format. It’s not exactly the same as having a custom domain, but it’s an option nevertheless. 

Leadpages also allows for publishing pages on your own dedicated domain that you already own. Every Leadpages account also includes a plugin so you can install alert bars, pop-ups, and landing pages on a pre-existing WordPress site. Alternatively, you can publish your content as a dynamic HTML page, which updates automatically when you edit in your Leadpages account.

Leadpages Publishing Options

Wix is a little less flexible with publishing. Because you’re using a full site builder, rather than a landing page tool, your only options are to either publish on your own customized domain or to use a free Wix.com domain. The subdomain publishing option will always use the email address you used to sign up for your account in the URL, which might not be ideal for everyone. 

wix publishing options

With both Wix and LeadPages, remember to preview your content before you publish it. 

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Learning more about your leads with LeadPages is quick and simple. Head into the “Leads” section of your website, and you can examine how many leads you’ve gained within a specific period of time, track your lead magnets, and more. LeadPages automatically shows you a handful of metrics as soon as you log into your dashboard, including “unique visitors”, conversions, and conversion rates.

One particularly valuable feature is the option to “split test” your landing pages, so you can determine whether one phrase, marketing offer, or even color scheme performs better than another. 

Leadpages Reporting and Analytics 1

There’s also a great “checkout” widget, where you can see how much you’ve earned from a specific landing page – this could be ideal when you’re calculating the ROI of your pages. 

For Wix reporting and analytics, you’ll head back to the “Analytics and Reports” section in your dashboard. Here, you can track a range of different metrics, from a number of sales to traffic gained over time, and even how many unique visitors you’ve had to your landing page.

Reports are customizable, with plenty of visuals to help you see how your traffic or performance has moved over time. You’ll also be able to set industry benchmarks, get insights into your site performance, track site speed, and more. With monitoring tools, you can also set email updates and alerts when you pass certain performance thresholds. 

Wix Reporting and Analytics


Leadpages is a pretty affordable product for landing page building, with a 14 day free trial to help you test the service. You’ll earn a decent discount if you agree to pay for your service yearly, but monthly billing is an option as well. The cheapest plan is $49 per month, or $37 per month when billed annually.


Leadpages pricing 2024

For features like online sales, payments, and subaccounts, you’ll need the $99 per month “Pro” plan, which can be discounted to $74 per month when billed annually. The Pro plan comes with unlimited split testing, integrations, and support for up to 3 sites. 

The most premium product, “Advanced”, is specifically priced to your requirements and requires contact with a specialist. This comes with all the features Leadpages can offer, including priority tech support via phone, quick start calls, online sales and payments, and support for up to 50 sites.

Wix Pricing depends on whether you want a standard website or an eCommerce site. The basic website plan starts at $0 and has some limitations. After that, the options are:

  • Light ($17 per month): Removes Wix ads and allows you to build basic landing pages and portfolios. 
  • Core: ($29 per month): Create multiple pages with more storage, access to basic site analytics and payment processing.
  • Business: ($36 per month): eCommerce functions,  automated sales tax and advanced shipping options
  • Business Elite: ($159 per month): Designed for growing online stores with priority support.  Unlimited storage and advanced features. 

Wix pricing 2024

Ease of Use

Both Wix and Leadpages are easy to use as far as page builders go. The Leadpages drag-and-drop building functionality makes it quick and easy to design a great-looking landing page or pop-up. There are tons of features to experiment with, and you always have the option to get extra help from the “?” tab in the page if you need it. The dashboard you get with Leadpages is great too. 

Everything is clean and straightforward. It’s easy to figure out where features are going to be, and you can search for what you need if you’re feeling lost. 

Wix is a market leader in simple website building functionality. Like Leadpages, you’ll get a drag-and-drop experience when it comes to actually designing your website. Wix also gives you the option to hire a professional if you need extra help. 

However, given that Wix is a CMS and website builder with an extensive list of features, the main dashboard can be a little overwhelming for some at first. You might need to spend some time just exploring the features on offer before you start building.


Leadpages offers a host of integrations already built into the system. You can access more than 40 of these pre-made connections or create your own with the help of Zapier. Like the landing page templates, integration options are split into categories for:

  • Website
  • Webinar
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Scheduling
  • Payments
  • Marketing automation
  • Live chat
  • Email marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Digital advertising
  • CRM
  • Analytics

Wix has the “Wix App Market” for integrations, which is packed full of different connections to explore. There are dozens of choices, and a search bar to help you sort through them all. Some of the categories available include:

  • Marketing
  • Media and content
  • Selling online
  • Events and services
  • Design elements
  • Communication

Customer Support

The amount of support you get from Leadpages will depend on the kind of pricing package you choose. If you’re on a lower plan, you’ll have access to “Support Tickets”, where professionals will get back to you via email as quickly as possible. You can also visit the LeadPages support site to find some DIY solutions to your problems. Chat support is available for premium customers.

Wix gives you access to videos and articles to help you figure out the solutions to your problems, and there’s a comprehensive help center too. If you need extra help, you can hire a professional, but customer care is available through email 254/7 for all plans too. Priority customer care is available for VIP customers. 

When to choose either: Leadpages vs Wix

Whether to go with Leadpages vs Wix really comes down to the features you need and your budget. 

If you want a true landing page builder with all of the features and functionality for specifically building landing pages, then Leadpages may be the way to go. While Wix has many of the same features, Leadpages has a few easy-to-access bells and whistles such as popups that Wix doesn’t have that can give you the edge you need to convert more visitors. 

Additionally, its worth noting that with Leadpages, you don’t get as much “clutter” that you get with Wix. By clutter, we mean the various features needed for full-blown websites but not necessarily just landing pages specifically. 

However, if you are on a budget, and you want a solution that is feature-rich but is relatively more affordable than Leadpages, Wix might be the way to go. Although it’s not a landing page builder specifically, its certainly still capable of building highly effective landing pages. 

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  1. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/leadpages
  2. https://www.wix.com/about/us
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