Is Using MailerLite Without A Website Feasible?

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Creating a good looking website can be a ton of work. Writing pages of content for your website, and configuring it to make it look good can take a long time and it isn’t easy to do. Paying someone to do these tasks can also be quite expensive as well. 

If you are interested in building an email subscriber base with MailerLite, naturally you might be wondering if you really need a website at all.

Ultimately, having a website can be beneficial, BUT it’s possible to effectively market with MailerLite without having a website at all. This post will explain exactly how to do this…

Why having a website can be beneficial

There are two good reasons why it would aid you to have a website for your business.

The first reason would be that you can use your website to market for your business. Better yet you can do so for free.

By publishing content on your website, you have the opportunity to rank pages on your websites in Google and other search engines. This allows customers interested in what your company does to find your business online. The process of attracting potential customers to your business through ranking content in search engines is referred to as SEO or search engine optimization. As I said, this method is free, and it is one a handful of ways you can attract customers. 

Secondly, having a website helps to build credibility and make your business seem more legitimate. A website is typically the go-to place that people check out if they want to learn about your company and what you do. In this day and age, people generally expect you to have a website if you are an established business.

That being said, its good to have a website… but not completely necessary. If you don’t have the time or resources to get a website up and running it is still possible to market with just MailerLite.

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How to market with MailerLite without a website

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There are two general steps you will need to take to market with MailerLite without a website.

1. Acquire email subscribers

2. Email market to email subscribers

Simple enough right? Now if you already have a list of email subscribers you might want to just follow step 2. However, if you don’t have a website to collect email subscribers, chances are you don’t have too many email subscribers, to begin with. In this case, you will want to start with step 1.

Acquiring email subscribers

If you aren’t acquiring subscribers through your website, you will need another platform to do so. One of the most common methods for doing this is through landing pages.

Landing pages are simply standalone webpages designed for one marketing goal. More often than not this marketing goal is to convert visitors into email subscribers. Websites, on the other hand, are often designed for multiple marketing goals such as directing visitors to your products, informing visitors about your company, etc.

 Landing pages can have an opt-in form where visitors can put in their email address. To entice visitors to submit their email you can give something of value in return such as a free ebook or perhaps a coupon for your products.

One of MaileLite’s greatest features is its landing page builder. With MailerLite’s drag-and-drop editor you can build landing pages by modifying MailerLite’s prebuilt templates. Simply click and drag all the elements you want to incorporate on your landing pages such as pictures, and text. Make changes to the template according to your marketing goals, and you will be ready to publish in minutes.

View of MialerLite’s landing page builder

To gain email subscribers through landing pages you will have to promote them in one way or another.

One of the most common ways to promote landing pages is through paid ads. You can do paid advertising on search engines such as Google or Bing so that your landing pages pop up whenever specific phrases are searched. Alternatively, you can do paid advertising on social media for specific groups of people. Facebook ads, for instance, is one of the most popular advertising platforms.

Using MailerLite to market to subscribers

MailerLite makes marketing to your subscribers incredibly easy. Sending out emails isn’t the hard part. Doing it effectively is the challenge.

Although the specific email marketing strategy you will want to take depends on your industry and your marketing goals, there are a few general guidelines that you should follow for effective email marketing.

It is most important that you try to build an ongoing relationship with your email subscribers. This means that you certainly shouldn’t be pushing your product or services on your subscribers in every email. A strategy like this may make you come across as spammy, and you will be much less likely to retain email subscribers as a result.

That being said its always a good idea to nurture your subscriber list with a balance of content your subscribers can get value from in addition to promotions for your products or services. A regular newsletter is a great way to do this. Additionally, any content that you can provide that can benefit your audience in any way is great for building a good relationship with your subscribers.

Signing up for MailerLite without a website

To sign up for MailerLite without a website, simply go through the steps of filling out your profile. Once you get to the step where MailerLite asks for the URL of your website for verification, there is an option to select “I don’t have a website yet”. Select this option and give a brief explanation on why you don’t have a website.

requesting approval without a website

Final words

Yes, you can use MailerLite without a website… but in my opinion, this doesn’t mean you should. Know that trying to implement a long term marketing strategy for your business without a website will by no means be easy. As mentioned before, customers expect that you will have a website in this day and age. It’s hard to find a well-established business without a website.

I recommend that you go ahead and make one. You don’t need to put too much time or effort into it, but if you are interested in doing internet marketing for the long run for your business, a website is simply good to have.

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