9 Best Email and SMS Marketing Software

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9 Best Email and SMS Marketing Software

Email marketing and SMS are incredibly powerful ways to engage leads, and both channels have their own unique advantages. 

Email marketing is excellent for sending a variety of different types of messaging such as newsletters, promotional emails, blog post notifications and more right to your subscribers’ inbox. SMS on the other hand is a powerful way to send personalized messaging to a device that the average person spends over 3 hours a day using their phones.1 

When these two marketing channels are used in conjunction you can achieve remarkable results. By capitalizing on a mix of marketing channels such as text and email you can drive more engagement and sales than by focusing on just one.2

However, although both email and text are extremely powerful, few tools have BOTH good email marketing AND SMS marketing capabilities. Typically marketing software specializes exclusively in one or the other. 

But need not worry. This post covers 9 of the best email and SMS marketing all-in-one software that can be valuable assets to your comprehensive marketing approach. 

Email Marketing Tool Free version? Starting price Pros Cons
Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) $25.00 Great range of transactional email and automation features as well as SMS messaging Some of the email templates are a bit dated and the selection isn’t as large as other solutions
ActiveCampaign $15.00 Extremely powerful marketing automation and is a great solution for businesses looking to scale quickly The CRM feature is good, but not as developed or sophisticated as stand-alone CRM solutions like Salesforce or HubSpot
Omnisend $16.00 Customer intelligence reporting and insights help you target subscribers effectively based on data
Email template customization is limited
Klaviyo $20.00 Extremely advanced automation and segmentation for both email and SMS
Platform is sophisticated and a bit technical resulting in a steep learning curve for those unfamiliar with advanced marketing technology
Mailigen $10.00 Very affordable plans with a generous range of features
Not as well established as its more popular alternatives
Sendpulse $8.00 Artificial intelligence features are a powerful way to segment subscribers based on past history
User interface is functional but looks a bit dated
Moonmail $59.00 Can be used not only for email and SMS, but other channels as well such as WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger
Very technical solution that’s good for developers but not easy to use for everyone else
Sendlane $99.00 Excellent customer service and advanced reporting and analytics
Expensive starting prices for all plans relative to other solutions
Mailify $69.00 Great selection of email templates and flexible email editor
Email and SMS features are good, but other supplementary features like landing page builder and CRM aren’t as developed

1. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Brevo site

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), is an intuitive marketing platform. It offers the ability to reach your customers where they are and build a better relationship with them. 

Email Marketing

Brevo offers a drag and drop email builder as well as the ability to send different email campaigns. Notable features and capabilities include: 

  • Email personalization with subscriber name and dynamic email content for more advanced personalized emails
  • Different signup forms that can be embedded into your website
  • Send automated campaigns, one-off newsletters, and transactional emails

SMS Marketing

What sets Brevo apart from other similar tools is that you can use SMS marketing even on their free plan. Thanks to this, you can send personalized, targeted SMS messages to your customers even if you’re just getting started. Notable features and capabilities include: 

  • Promote time-sensitive and special offers via SMS and schedule them to be sent at any time
  • Set up transactional SMS messages for order confirmations, shipping updates, and more
  • Use segmentation to personalize the messages with recipient’s name, company information, or other data
  • Monitor the performance of your SMS messages


Brevo offers a generous free plan that allows you to send up to 300 emails per day. Paid plans start at $25/mo. You can also purchase a pay-as-you-go plan for email or SMS messaging and it starts at $40 for 5,000 emails and €1 for 100 messages in the USA. Pricing varies by country.

2. ActiveCampaign

active campaign home page

ActiveCampaign promises to go beyond email marketing with features designed to help you create omni-channel marketing messages. ActiveCampaign allows you to create email marketing campaigns, send marketing SMS messages, and even respond to customer behaviour on your website with chat and personalized messages. 

Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, ActiveCampaign has powerful automation capabilities. A few notable email marketing features and capabilities include:

  • You can send automated email campaigns, one-off broadcasts, and trigger emails to be sent after a purchase or a site visit. 
  • You can also segment your list and send more targeted messages to increase your clickthrough, open, and conversion rate. 
  • Choose between different sign up form styles and create email campaigns using a template or build your own campaign from scratch
  • You can also split test your campaigns and create powerful email funnels that turn subscribers into buyers

SMS Marketing

SMS messages are perfect for when you want to remind your contacts about a flash sale or an upcoming event or a webinar. Notable features and capabilities include:

  • Messages can be scheduled to send at the optimal time
  • Text messages can be added to any step in your automated campaigns
  • Welcome text message can be sent as soon as your subscriber submits their phone number


Pricing for ActiveCampaign is based on the number of subscribers you have. Plans start at $9/mo paid annually for 500 subscribers for email marketing and $49/mo paid annually for 500 subscribers if you want the SMS marketing features as well. Active Campaign offers a 14-day free trial.

3. Omnisend

omnisend home page

Omnisend is a text and email marketing software geared for eCommerce businesses. They offer email marketing, SMS marketing, and automation to help you connect with your customers. They also offer prebuilt automations for abandoned carts, welcome series, transactional emails, and more. 

Email Marketing

With Omnisend, you can create sign up forms and modern email campaigns. Notable features and capabilities include: 

  • Premade email templates that you can use for all your campaigns
  • Send automated campaigns as well as one-off broadcasts and transactional emails
  • Dynamic content blocks made specifically with eCommerce businesses in mind including discount codes, product picker, and product recommendations
  • Create segmented lists and send more targeted email campaigns

SMS Marketing

Omnisend makes it easy to send targeted SMS campaigns and they will even include free SMS credits. Notable features and capabilities include: 

  • Combine text messages with email campaigns into a single automated workflow
  • Prebuilt SMS workflows for abandoned carts, birthdays, sale reminders, and more
  • SMS analytics to track the performance of your messages


Pricing is based on the number of contacts you have. They do offer a 14-day free trial as well as a free plan. Paid plans start at $16/mo for 500 subscribers. SMS pricing starts at $0.015/SMS.

4. Klaviyo

klaviyo home page

Klaviyo is another email marketing platform geared for anyone selling online. The solution offers marketing automation that includes email campaigns and SMS marketing. Klaviyo also has a deep integration with the most popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and others. 

Email Marketing

With Klaviyo’s email marketing, you can track every step of your subscriber’s journey and see which emails they opened as well as track their site behavior and send targeted email messages. A few key features and capabilities include: 

  • List segmentation based on multiple criteria such as behavior, engagement, etc.
  • Dynamic blocks to include product images, custom web feeds, cart contents, and more
  • Automated campaigns, triggered workflows, and one-off campaigns
  • A/B test your campaigns and track results in a powerful dashboard

SMS Marketing

Similar to email marketing features, Klaviyo lets you send personalized text messages to your subscribers. A few key features and capabilities include:

  • Include SMS into your automated workflow
  • Send messages based on customer behavior or remind them about a special offer
  • Have 2-way conversations with your customers 


Klaviyo offers an interesting pricing model. You can pay separately for email marketing or SMS marketing or you can pay for both. Pricing for both email and SMS marketing is based on the number of subscribers/contacts you plan on emailing and messaging. Email marketing is free if you have less than 250 subscribers. SMS marketing is free for up to 150 contacts. After that, plans start at $20/mo.

5. Mailigen

mailigen home page

Mailigen claims to be the easiest way to send automated email campaigns. This email and SMS marketing platform integrates with some of the most popular eCommerce platforms and allows you to build email sign-up forms that can be embedded onto any website. Mailigen also have a drag and drop editor to build email campaigns.

Email Marketing

Mailigen lets you take full advantage of marketing automation while still maintaining a human touch. Key features and capabilities include: 

  • Behavior-based automation series to boost the engagement of your subscribers
  • Dynamic email content allows you to add personalized content into your email marketing campaigns
  • Use a pre-designed template or order a custom design for your newsletters and campaigns

SMS Marketing

Mailigen offers robust SMS marketing features that are available worldwide. Key features and capabilities include: 

  • The ability to send targeted, timely SMS messages
  • Real-time deliver reports
  • Use a unique sender name or phone number
  • Include custom fields to personalize each SMS


Mailigen allows you to send unlimited emails and campaigns. It gives you access to all of the features on a single plan. Pricing is based on the number of subscribers. Pricing starts at $10/mo for 500 subscribers. SMS pricing depends on the country and your mobile carrier. 

6. Sendpulse

sendpulse home page

Sendpulse is a marketing platform that was built for sending emails, SMS, and creating chatbots for Facebook and Telegram. They make it easy for you to reach your customers using their preferred channel and send targeted email and SMS messages.

Email Marketing

Sendpulse allows you to send both automated email campaigns, promotional emails, and transactional emails. Key features and capabilities include: 

  • Drag and drop email editor to build email campaigns
  • Send email campaigns based on user’s behavior, engagement, and other variables
  • Create segmented lists and tag your users to trigger workflows

SMS Marketing

Sendpulse supports worldwide messaging. You can even deliver your messages in any language in the world. Key features and capabilities include: 

  • Messages are sent with a speed of 200-500 messages per second
  • SMS messages can be sent to subscribers who use mobile operators that use the GSM and CDMA standards
  • SMS personalization and the ability to include SMS messages in your automated workflows


Sendpulse has a free plan that lets you have up to 500 subscribers and send up to 15000 emails. Paid plans for email marketing start at $12/mo for more than 500 subscribers. You can also pay yearly or semi-annually. SMS pricing depends on the country you’re sending text messages to.  

7. MoonMail

moonmail home page

MoonMail is an all-in-one messaging platform that facilitates omnichannel marketing. You can send messages via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, voice messages, Baidu, and more. Given that MoonMail is open source and has wide open API access, this is the best email and SMS marketing software solution for developers. 

Email Marketing

MoonMail offers a pretty robust set of features when it comes to email marketing. You can send one-off campaigns as well as automated campaigns. Key features and capabilities include: 

  • Intelligent send time optimization
  • Send the campaigns when your subscribers take certain actions
  • A/B testing and powerful analytics dashboard
  • Support for AMP emails
  • Sender reputation monitoring

SMS Marketing

You can send targeted SMS messages and make them a part of your automated workflow. SMS messages are included on every plan that MoonMail has to offer although there’s not a lot of information on the specifics or the pricing. 


MoonMail doesn’t offer a free plan or a free trial. However, you can try a demo which lets you see the basics of how their dashboard looks and how the campaigns work. You can’t experiment with any of the features though. Pricing starts at $44/mo and includes having 10000 active contacts.

8. Sendlane

sendlane home page

Sendlane is another marketing platform designed with features for ecommerce stores but can be utilized by practically any business. This email and SMS marketing software has powerful reporting features that enable you to take a very data-driven approach to email and text message campaigns. 

Email Marketing

Sendlane makes it easy to create visually appealing emails with their drag and drop editor. On top of that, they own their entire email structure in order to improve your email deliverability. Notable features and capabilities include:

  • Machine learning open predictability helps you optimize email send times
  • Trigger email messages based on user behavior
  • Leverage more than 100 data points to learn more about your subscribers and send personalized campaigns

SMS Marketing

With SMS  marketing, you can initiate conversations with your subscribers and drive revenue. Notable features and capabilities include: 

  • Add SMS messages to any automated workflow
  • Send SMS messages as standalone campaigns
  • Intelligent popups make it easy to collect phone numbers


Sendlane offers transparent pricing. You can pay monthly or yearly. Plans start at $99/mo for up to 5000 subscribers. They also offer a free trial that’s limited to 100 contacts. All plans include real-time analytics and automated list hygiene.

9. Mailify

mailify home page

Mailify is a marketing platform designed for eCommerce, education, automotive, public institutions, agency, and tourism sectors. It offers email marketing, SMS marketing, and automation, landing pages, and sign-up forms. 

Email Marketing

With Mailify, you can send automated email campaigns, one-time broadcasts, and transactional emails. The platform also includes a drag and drop email builder and predesigned email templates for your campaigns. Notable features and capabilities include: 

  • Strong routing servers to boost your email deliverability
  • Google Analytics integration to learn more about your audience
  • Import as many contacts as you want
  • Email list segmenting so you can send more targeted and personalized email campaigns

SMS Marketing

Sending SMS campaigns with Mailify is a breeze. You can incorporate them as part of your workflow or as standalone campaigns. Features and capabilities include:

  • Personalize text messages to each sender
  • Schedule messages to be sent at optimal times
  • Create and send customer follow up SMS messages
  • Include more than text in your SMS messages: add images, media, and more


When it comes to pricing, Mailify offers a free 30-day trial during which you can test-drive all of their features. However, they don’t list their prices publicly. 

Final words

Email marketing and SMS are like peanut butter and jelly when it comes to multichannel marketing. When used together, they can be a powerful driver of sales. best email and SMS marketing software

That being said, it’s important to note that these tools shouldn’t be purchased solely for their SMS capability. After all, email marketing is each of these tools’ most powerful features and the SMS feature is more of a complementary feature.

If SMS is the feature that you value the most, it might make sense to purchase a service just for SMS and save a bit of money. 

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