Mailchimp too expensive? Try this instead…

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Mailchimp is one of the oldest and most well-established email marketing platforms. Its popularity dwarfs that of its competitors.

However, even though Mailchimp is widely used, it might not necessarily be the best platform for you. It’s no secret that Mailchimp isn’t the easiest email marketing platform to use, nor is it nearly the most affordable.

MailerLite, on the other hand, is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Mailchimp due to its ease of use and inexpensive pricing. However, it is similar to Mailchimp in that it generally has the same features and capabilities.

This post discusses MailerLite and why it is a suitable alternative to Mailchimp for those who want a more affordable, easier to use email marketing tool.

What is MailerLite?

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MailerLite is a cloud-based email marketing platform for small businesses and organizations. Despite its seemingly simple-looking interface, with MailerLite you can set up complex email marketing campaigns. Like many other email marketing platforms, MailerLite allows you to automate email sequences, segment email subscribers, track and analyze campaign results, and much more.

The company first started out as a web design agency but eventually became an email marketing platform in 2010. Today, the company works almost entirely remotely and although the employees don’t meet in person too often, the company claims to be united through its shared values and dedication to building a world-class product1

MailerLite: an excellent alternative to Mailchimp

MailerLite and Mailchimp pricing

MailerLite and Mailchimp have very different pricing structures.

On one hand, Mailchimp has four plans: the free plan, essentials plan, standard plan, and premium plan. Each plan is priced based on the features you get from them. For instance, the essentials plan has the core email marketing features while the premium plan has advanced features. No matter which plan you pick however, the cost depends on how many subscribers you have.

On the other hand, MailerLite has two plans: free and paid plans. The free plan comes with practically all the core features you need for effective email marketing campaigns however, you don’t have access to some of the useful premium features such as the newsletter templates. The paid plans are priced based on how many subscribers you have. However, the paid plans give you access to all the premium features no matter how many subscribers you have. That being said you can get all the premium features starting at the lowest price level of $10 per month.

The chart below shows MailerLite’s pricing compared to Mailchimps pricing for month to month billing.

pricing table of mailerlite and mailchimp

*At 1,000 you may use both services for free. Once you reach the subscriber limit for each companies free plan you must upgrade to paid plans. The pricing for Mailchimp comes from the “Essentials plan”. The pricing for MailerLite comes from the company’s one paid plan: the Premium plan. 

Ultimately, Mailchimp’s least expensive plan turns out to be about 50% more expensive than MailerLite’s. Clearly MailerLite is much more affordable. Not only that, but Mailchimp’s most affordable plan doesn’t give you access to Mailchimps more advanced features.

Now to be completely fair, you can still do effective and complex email marketing with Mailchimp’s least affordable plan with the features it provides. However, one of the greatest aspects of MailerLite’s paid plans is that you already get all the premium features the tool has to offer even its lowest price point.

To see how affordable MailerLite is compared to other competitors click here!

MailerLite and Mailchimp ease of use

Mailchimp might be easy to use for some, but for those who have never used email marketing software before or just aren’t very technically adept, figuring out Mailchimp can be challenging. Afterall, Mailchimp has many advanced features and although these features make for excellent marketing campaigns, they do complicate things a bit. Furthermore, for newbie marketers that don’t necessarily need these advanced features, they might only make using the tool more confusing.

MailerLite is designed to be easy to use as possible. In fact, in my opinion, MailerLite shines when it comes to its incredibly intuitive interface. The platform doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles that only complicate things but instead, MailerLite only provides the essential features for effective email marketing.

Ultimately, the ease of use of a platform is a bit subjective, however, I think its safe to say that MailerLite is relatively more manageable for people just getting into email marketing compared to Mailchimp.

Mailerlite platform at a glance

MailerLite’s key features at a glance 

Like many other email marketing platforms, MailerLite has the following features:

Automation: You can automate email sequences by using MailerLite’s visual workflow builder. Once you add your first email to kick off your automation sequence you can use a variety of triggers for that email including:

  • When subscriber joins a group
  • When subscriber completes a form
  • When subscriber clicks a link
  • Updated field
  • The anniversary of a date
  • The exact match of a date

After your first email, you may add a delay, condition, or other action before the next email in your sequence.

Segmentation: MailerLite allows you to easily segment subscribers based on a set of shared characteristics of your choice. For instance, you can make segments based on sign up channels, customer journey, prior purchases and more.

Segmentation is a powerful way to personalize emails for specific groups of people. By catering your emails to the specific wants and needs of subsects of your overall email list, you are more likely to get better subscriber engagement with your emails.

Templates: When creating email campaigns you can choose between dozens of newsletter templates. These templates cater to industries such as writing/publishing, ecommerce, fashion, blogging and much more. These templates are also designed for different marketing purposes such as promotions, content-heavy emails, online quizzes and more. Once you select a template you may customize it in the drag-and-drop builder.

Landing page, pop up, and form editor: You may build landing pages, pop up forms, and embedded forms for your website all through MailerLite’s drag-and-drop builder. Track how many subscribers you collect from each lead generating channel and use A/B split testing to improve conversion rates.

Tracking and analytics: See how all your email marketing campaigns are performing through MailerLite’s analytics. Here you can see your email campaigns’ open rate, clicks, bounce rate, and more important statistics. You can also integrate your MailerLite account with Google Analytics for more comprehensive reporting.