What is Beacons.ai and How Can It Help Your Social Media? (2024)

What is Beacons AI ?

Beacons.ai goes well beyond the ordinary social media tool, and has swiftly emerged as a revolutionary platform for influencers and creators. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer or a budding content creator, this platform streamlines the process of consolidating and monetizing your online presence. In this article, we explore Beacons.ai and uncover how this innovative tool […]

11 Business Email Templates (Free Download)

11 business email templates blog featured image

As a growing business that promotes its products or services through email marketing, at some point, you will need email marketing templates that embody your brand. Email marketing tools often offer these templates, which help you use and implement these templates. Fortunately, there are numerous email marketing templates out there. In fact, there are so […]

Stripo Pricing Explained: Which Plan is Best?

Stripo is one of the most powerful email template design tools. With Stripo, you get access to hundreds of beautiful email templates and an easy-to-use email template editor as well.  The question is, what plan is best for you?  Depending on how many email templates you want to develop, how many team members you have, […]

11 Amazing Stripo Email Templates (for FREE)

Free Stripo Email Templates

Stripo creates some of the very best email templates of all the email design tools out there.  Amazingly, Stripo carries over 1,400 uniquely designed email templates. And on top of that, these templates are all beautifully designed, and optimized for conversions.  Better yet, Stripo gives users the ability to rate the templates, which can give […]

Best Free Email Template Builders (RANKED)

Best Free Email Template Builders

Email template builders can take your marketing email creation to the next level.  While email marketing platforms are strong at delivering emails, their email templates and email template editors are often lacking. Email tempaltes from Envato Marketplace or Themeforest might be strong, but these platforms don’t come with robust email editors.  Email template builder tools […]

13 Well-designed Email Templates with Tables

Email templates with tables are widely used, and for good reason. These templates are logically laid out and make it easy for users to digest the content in the email. And while there are many email templates out there, not all have this classic style. Fortunately, if you are looking for an email template with […]

Stripo Review: Is it the Best Email Design Tool?

Stripo is one of the most popular email design tools. Businesses, freelancers, and other organizations large and small leverage Stripo to create stunning emails for their email marketing campaigns. While you may have viewed reviews of Stripo that might seem pretty positive, chances are they have not provided the full picture of what Stripo has […]

13 Effective Promotional Email Templates (FREE)

Promotional emails are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your offer. Whether your are an e-commerce company that wants to promote a sale or a service business interested in highlighting how you help your clients, promotional emails can work wonders. However, while sending emails might be easy, finding the right promotional […]

Stripo vs Beefree: A Side by Side Comparison

When it comes to designing email templates, there are numerous tools to choose from. Two of the most popular email design tools are Stripo and Bee Free (beefree.io). However, although these tools are both highly regarded and widely used, there are some key differences between the two that are important to understand before moving forward […]

11 Outlook Newsletter Email Templates

Email newsletters are a powerful way to engage your audience with your organization’s most recent updates. Moreover, there are literally thousands of email templates you can choose from as a starting point to build out your email newsletter. However, not all of these newsletter templates are compatible with Outlook. Outlook is a bit finicky, and […]