7 Most Important Google Forms Features

7 Most Important Google Forms Features

Google forms is one of the most popular form builders available today.  Since the application is completely free and does not require technical expertise, this makes Google Forms easy to use and accessible for everyone.  However, if you are starting to look into Google Forms, chances are that you would like to get into the […]

Formstack vs Typeform: Which is Best?

A form builder is one of the most powerful ways to collect valuable data from your customers, employees, and practically anyone else who cares to fill them out.  From capturing leads to collecting employee feedback surveys, there are numerous ways to utilize these versatile tools.  While there are many options out there, two of the […]

10 Google Forms Quiz Examples

Google Forms is one of the best platforms for building online quizzes. After all, it’s 100% free, and given that many people use other Google applications, Google Forms is very convenient and accessible.   However, if you are just getting started building quizzes with Google Forms, chances are that you want to view a few Google […]

Jotform vs Formstack: A Detailed Comparison

Jotform vs Formstack

Forms and surveys are key to capturing valuable information from customers, employees, or virtually any other audience. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions out there that you can take advantage of for building forms. However, while having options is great, narrowing down your selection can be challenging. Of all the form builders out there, Jotform and […]