Is Gmass Safe? A closer look at the tool…

GMass has become an incredibly popular marketing and sales tool. Thousands of people use the platform every day. However, to some this tool might seem suspicious. After all, the concept of using a Chrome extension for mass emailing in Gmail might seem unusual to say the least. That being said, any hesitation and skepticism toward […]

7 Best Open Source Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp is arguably the most recognizable email marketing solution. However, despite its popularity, the platform certainly has its drawbacks. For one, Mailchimp’s plans can become quite costly for businesses with large email subscriber lists. Not only that, but the platform itself can be limited in some respects compared to other solutions. Suffice to say that […]

How to use Mailchimp Templates in Gmail

With over 1.8 billion users worldwide, Gmail is one of the most popular email services. While Gmail is mainly used for personal communication, it can be a powerful marketing tool as well for small businesses. However, one of the most glaring downsides of using Gmail for email marketing is you cant design eye-catching email templates. […]

8 Excellent Outlook HTML Email Template Builders

8 Excellent Outlook HTML Email Template Builders

Creating great-looking email templates that work on Outlook can be difficult, to say the least. An email that displays properly on Gmail or Yahoo can look completely jumbled in Outlook. However, given that Outlook is one of the most popular email clients, using Outlook-friendly HTML email templates is important.  While there are numerous email template […]